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Solar Pool Heating


For most residential pools, the solar system operates directly with the existing pool pump and filter. In a few cases an additional "booster pump" or a slightly larger filtration pump may be needed. Today's most efficient systems employ the use of an automatically controlled diverting valve. The pool's filtration system is set to run during the period of the most intense sunshine. During this period, when the solar control senses that adequate heat is present in the solar collectors, it causes a motorized diverting valve to turn, forcing the flow of pool water through the solar collectors where water is heated. The heated water then returns to the pool. When heat is no longer present, the water bypasses the solar collector. Thus, most systems have very few moving parts which minimizes operation and maintenance requirements.


Set automatic control unit for desired water temperature.
Sensor detects change in solar heat and tells FAFCO automatic control unit when there is energy available to work efficiently.
Your existing pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors
The FAFCO solar panels transfer the sun's heat to the pool water as it travels through the panels.
Warm, solar heated water flows back into the pool using your existing pool returns. This process continues until the pool reaches the desired temperature.

1. How do solar pool heating systems work?

2. Can my home accommodate a system?

3. What about operation and maintenance?

4. Why should I heat my pool with solar?



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