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Solar Pool Heating


The simplicity of solar pool heating systems means that operation and maintenance requirements are minimal. In fact, in most cases no additional maintenance beyond normal filter cleaning and winter close-up is necessary. The system should be drained in the winter months; however, in some cases even this may not be necessary because the system drains itself. Your solar pool heating professional will alert you to any special requirements for your particular system. In addition, solar pool heating equipment is so reliable that many solar pool collector manufacturers provide warranty coverage for their products which far exceeds that of automobiles and household appliances. Solar pool heating systems are being used in virtually every area of the United States. While it is true that they are popular in the Sunbelt region, they function well and are cost-effective for the swimming season even in northern climates. Systems can also be designed for indoor pools as well as for larger municipal and commercial pools.
The US Department of Energy has identified swimming pools as a huge consumer of energy across the country, and has recognized pool heating as one of the most cost-effective means of reducing energy consumption. Solar Pool heating Systems are the best investment a pool owner can make. So, why not look into it for your pool today?


1. How do solar pool heating systems work?

2. Can my home accommodate a system?

3. What about operation and maintenance?

4. Why should I heat my pool with solar?

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