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Solar Pool Heating

2. CAN MY HOME ACCOMMODATE A SYSTEM? solarpool-img.jpg

Most homes can accommodate a solar pool heating system. Although solar collectors are often installed on a roof, they can be installed wherever they can be in the sun for a good portion of the day. The type of roof or roofing material is not important. The appropriate square footage of solar collectors required for a given swimming pool is directly related to the square footage of the pool itself. The proper ratio of pool area to solar collector area will vary according to such factors as location, the orientation of the solar collectors, the amount of shading on the pool or solar collectors, and the desired swimming season. In general, however, the square footage of solar collectors required is usually 50% to 100% of the pool surface area. A solar pool heating professional in your area will usually provide a free estimate for you.  


1. How do solar pool heating systems work?

2. Can my home accommodate a system?

3. What about operation and maintenance?

4. Why should I heat my pool with solar?

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